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Knackered after my first day climbing Mt. Kenya. But must get the Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding and Crispy Roast Potatoes ready. I wish!

Can't let Steve go hungry.

   Taking a break climbing Mount Kenya with my two porters William and David

Well deserved lunch.

Just call me Frank!!

Strike a pose Steve, no one is looking!

Are you watching Duncan Ferguson?

On my right is Francis and standing behind him is Bernard. They work on the streets encouraging children to go to school. All of the boys in the picture are at St Stephen's Missionary School. The school is their family and some were living on the streets at the age of 5 sniffing glue and other drugs while eating from rubbish tips and sleeping wherever.

Butt... it is my shirt now!

One of the street kids who will benefit from the school we all helped to build.

Caught myself a Cobra, Dundee's the name.

Must be Monday.. But even Sketchley's started as a small business.

More new friends

And that is their tent. Cramped ...No very cosy.

Yes it is snow.. I should have brought a coat, someone told me it was hot at the equator!