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 I have written to every Premiership club, every Nationwide Football League club and all Football Conference clubs as follows:

  Please donate ONE football shirt any size (preferably child’s medium) home or away. They will be given out at the camp and a photograph taken of the kids wearing the shirts. It will be quite a unique photograph. Please help me to do this. Without your club shirt it will not be quite Wright and Bright.  A used shirt will do, it does not have to be new. If for any reason you cannot send one please let me know so that I may try for an old shirt through your fanzine. 

  Thanks for your interest and help.

 If you have old team shirt that you no longer require and would like to donate it to my project please get in touch. 

Unfortunately not all the clubs responded. Those that did are listed further on.


 Football Shirts

From the 113 football clubs we wrote to, 38 have sent a shirt. The others have said no or not replied.

The following clubs have sent a shirt:

Arsenal (signed by all the players)             Aston Villa            Bradford            Charlton

Everton (signed by all the players)            Ipswich (signed by all the players)   Liverpool      Leeds.

Huddersfield           Norwich            Portsmouth            Sheffield Wednesday            Stockport       

Bournemouth            Bristol City            Bristol Rovers             Luton               Peterborough                Stoke

Swindon Town            Reading            Wrexham

Barnet              Carlisle            Cheltenham                  Darlington            Kidderminster

Leyton Orient         Lincoln            Scunthorpe            Southend                    Torquay

Dagenham & Redbridge            Dover               Scarborough    Telford      Woking x 2

Shrewsbury Town sent a signed football.

Wolves:  Richard an avid Wolves fan and extremely good and hard working gardener gave me one he has outgrown. Or, as he looks with envy across to the Baggies and Brum has he fallen out with his beloved team? 

 Crewe Alex: Robert Eardley negotiated a special deal for 3 shirts. No he did not swap them for a Skoda, those days are long gone.  

Man U:  Alan & Mary Bartles-Smith’s grandson Chris, kindly gave up his Nicky Butt number 8 shirt. Does Chris know something that Nicky Butt doesn’t?

Southampton: My old school friend from Condover RNIB James Collins has sent me a new shirt. Le Tis I know is his favourite player and I guess his wish is for Le Tis to score on the opening day of the season at their new ground. And of course win.  

Barry, of  Little Sutton. Cheshire has sent in a fantastic collection of shirts. In between taxing Adam and Bethany to horse riding, cricket, swimming, and football, plus getting Lorraine to keep fit (Barry doesn’t need the gym) he has been to:  

Dunfermline then to Celtic, down to Newcastle, Chester, Tranmere Rovers, Liverpool and Everton, caught an Easy Jet to Barcelona and came home via Russia but not before he nipped in to see Ken Bates at Chelsea. All in one week. He deserves some kind of prize. I have just heard…. He is getting a prize!!!

A “Rubber Duck”, for his contribution to cricket.  (Barry plays in the over something league)!

Lyndsey Pollard of William Thatcher & Partners, a Middlesbrough fan and her husband Patrick, a Liverpool supporter  have contributed with Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal x 2, Derby, West Ham, Notts Forest, Newcastle Utd, Spurs, England x 2 and Everton. So if you are looking for a solicitor they are a great team. 

 Sarah Carvosso has given up her Frank Lampard shirt. A loyal Hammers fan who is distraught about Frank's treachery, so look out for Sarah in her new Di Canio shirt come August. Or will it be Joe Cole? 

St Peter's C of E Junior School at Edgmond and Year 5 at Whitchurch Junior School  have sent me a great selection of shirts from different teams. You will never guess which team is the most popular. I 'll give you a clue, it's not Hamilton Academicalls!!   

A big thank you to Ladder, (Interpol are after him, so that is not his real name), he has collected 6  junior strips from Shrewsbury Junior League teams.  

Peter Wilding who plays for Shrewsbury Town, he's the one who always seems to have so much time on the ball, kindly donated his shirt. 

 Thanks and if you can locate a team shirt not mentioned it will be greatly received. The target is 120 shirts so a long way to go yet.

I have reached the target of 120 shirts. Thanks to everyone have great season. We can't all finish top so let's hope your team finishes 2nd ....to Everton. Now I know I've lost my marbles!!!

Ps. Can someone lend me a aeroplane to get everything over there? I think I may need my own , so if Richard is reading this, how about it?