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 NAME:                    Michael McCarthy               D.O.B: 28-1-76                                                      

       NATIONALITY:      British

1980 - 1984         Castle House School. Newport. Shropshire      

1984 - 1985          Missed School, recovering from road accident.

1985 -1987           Katherine Elliot. School for special needs.                                  

1987 - 1993         Condover Hall RNIB School.

1993 - Date         Shrewsbury College for Arts & Technology. And Walford Agricultural            College

Courses: Cooking, creative story telling, P.E. numeracy and literacy skills, drama improvisation, character work, working with small animals and confidence building.


BBC Television:   Spent a full day on each of the following productions

                            Live & Kicking, Black Comedy Show, Big Break and Pebble Mill .                                                  

BBC Radio:          Five Live with John Inverdale. I was in the studio when He went live on air.

Hawkstone Park:  A tourist attraction in Shropshire. I worked in the information kiosk, distributing maps and selling gift items.    (Personalised poopi scoops!!!  for example!!)  


Football.  A keen Everton Fan, season ticket holder, they are in my heart.

Driving:    Unable to drive on the road but do drive Go Carts and have my own car that I drive on the backfields. Recently completed a driving course at Mallory Park  that included racetrack experience.

Sports:   Play squash, golf and swim. Member of the Shrewsbury Disabled cricket team.

Regularly cycle, riding a tandem trike that was specifically hand made. Recently had two flying lessons, although I will never be allowed a pilots licence. It at least scares everyone when we are 2,500 feet up, I am given control and I tell them I am registered blind. But not so blind I cannot see.

OTHER INFORMATION:    I have “Object Agnosia”, that is I see things but do not always know what they are. It is not a problem to me so please do not let it hinder your judgment’. 

In 1984 I received serious head injuries, road traffic accident. Described at the time as a “Living Cabbage”, I am now the original walking and talking human cabbage. DON’T EVER SAY,  “YOU CAN’T DO IT”.

Birmingham University:            I have been working with Dawn Francis for 18 months learning to read. After initial tests, it was said I would not read. I persevered, now reading short words and will progress.

Aims for 2001:                             

Return home from Nairobi  having made a contribution to a successful Africamp, climbed Mount Kenya, shook hands with a monkey and swam in the Indian Ocean.

Achieve level Two Personal Survival Award for swimming.

Continue to progress my reading skills

Part time work to progress to Full time employment

Everton to stay in the Premier League – Most Important.

The above is a positive look at Michael’s achievements and aims. A negative picture is, Michael is registered blind, has learning difficulties, has no use of his left arm/ hand and left leg is lame.  He does adopt a very positive attitude but at the same time we have to accept that Michael needs assistance and support. Walking for distance on uneven terrain will be difficult for him. He will certainly need help and will not be up to the speed of others. Without appreciating what it means, Michael wants to do it.

With his attitude of can do, and your help everything is possible. He has achieved so much and will continue to do so.